Jean-Claude Duplessy

Docteur Agrégé of Geology and Doctor in Physical Sciences, Jean-Claude Duplessy has devoted most of his career to climate and environmental sciences.

Having joined the CNRS in 1967, he became Director of Research in 1984 and then Senior Director of Research in 1991, first at the Centre for Low-Level Radioactivity then at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences. He was also a course leader at the Pierre et Marie Curie University (1969-1974) and at the University of Paris XI-Sud (1985-2003). Since 2008, he has been Research Director Emeritus. 

Jean-Claude Duplessy is a member of the Academia Europaea (1989), associate member of the Bureau des Longitudes (1994) and a foreign member of the College of Sciences at the Académie Royale in Belgium.

The author of many scientific articles, he has also written two books, Gros temps sur la planète (in collaboration, 1990) and Quand l'océan se fâche (1996). He was awarded the Académie des Sciences Aimé Berthé prize (1987), the Milankovitch medal of the European Geophysical Society (EGS) (1995), the Georges Lemaître prize from the University of Louvain (Belgium) (1997), the Dolomieu prize of the Académie des Sciences (2004), and the Louis D. Grand Prize of the Institut de France (2004). He is a Doctor honoris causa of the University of Kiel (Germany) (2003).

Jean-Claude Duplessy joined CNE1 in 1994. He was appointed as a member of CNE2 in 2007. Upon its renewal in 2010, he was elected Chairman.

Since March 2011, Jean-Claude Duplessy is member of the Academie des Sciences.