The  CNE2 Board has  12 members appointed for six years for a mandate that can be renewed once. Half of its membership is renewed every three years. The Chairman of the Board is elected from the board members at each three-year renewal.

In 2007, the Decree of 5 April 2007 nominated the members of CNE2[1].

 The first renewal was on 22 July 2010. The current composition is as follows:


·       Six members, including at least two experts from the international field, are appointed on equal terms by the National Assembly and by the Senate based on suggestions from the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST):  Frank Deconinck, Hubert Doubre, Jean-Claude Duplessy, Maurice Laurent, Maurice Leroy, Claes Thegerström;

      Two qualified individuals are appointed by the Government based on suggestions from the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques:  Jean Baechler, Jacques Percebois;

·       Four scientific experts are appointed by the Government based on suggestions from the Académie des Sciences:  Pierre Bérest, Yves Bréchet, Emmanuel Ledoux, François Roure.

The members perform their roles on a voluntary basis and may not, whether directly or indirectly, perform functions for or receive fees from the organisations evaluated.

On 22 July 2010,  Jean-Claude Duplessy was elected  Chairman of the Board.

 Emmanuel Ledoux and  Maurice Leroy were appointed Vice Chairmen;  Maurice Laurent was appointed Secretary General.


Composition of CNE2 in 2007: Bernard Tissot (Chairman), Jean-Claude Duplessy and Robert Guillaumont (Vice Chairmen), Maurice Laurent (Member and Secretary General), and Pierre Bérest, Frank Deconinck, Hubert Doubre, Philippe d'Iribarne, Emmanuel Ledoux, Jacques Percebois, Claes Thegerström and André Zaoui (Members).